Saturday, April 16, 2011

Prince William Wedding Gives Hope to Bollywood

There’s a scramble going on among B-Towners to be seen at the royal wedding of Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29, but it’s not going to be that easy, it seems.“Every society person worth their salt is making a call to their contacts to enquire about the royal wedding. They know that being seen at the Kate-Will wedding guarantees attention,” says a source. Unfortunately, Bollywood may be the last thing on the invitee list, except for choreographer Sandeep Soparrkar and his dance troupe who will be performing for the guests there. Not even the B-town folks themselves dialing all the numbers in their phone-book, they are also trying to get their PR arms on the case trying to get that elusive wedding invitation or at least make it to one of the post wedding celebrations. A leading hotelier and his actor wife are apparently ready to pay a premium to be on the coveted guest list.

“We know that a series of events have been planned by the royal family and close to 2,000 guests will be entertained on April 29 at Westminster Abbey. Everybody wants to be on the list and we have been advised to find out a connection to put our client there. The client is ready to pay a premium to be on the guest list,” says a reputed public relations consultant.

However, one thing’s for sure that none of the leading actors in Bollywood have yet made it to the list. “There are rumours that a leading Indian businessman, who’s based out of Mumbai, is on the list but there’s been no confirmation from his office,” says a socialite on conditions of anonymity.

The Indians (by origin) apparently confirmed on the list so far, are a shopkeeper, Chan Shingadia and her husband Hash from Berkshire.And they were invited by the royal bride-to-be, Middleton.

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