Monday, April 18, 2011

Prince Harry Promoted To Military Captain

That’s Captain Harry Wales to you!

Prince Harry has been promoted to captain in the Army Air Corps in recognition of time served in the Armed Forces.

The 26-year-old could be eligible to return to a combat front line position in Afghanistan by early 2012, according to an announcement by St James’s Palace. A five year veteran of the military, the redhead royal already completed one tour of duty in the war-ravished Middle East in 2008. For 10 weeks, Harry served in the country as a forward air controller during 2007-08, directing jets dropping bombs on Taliban positions in Helmand Province.

Captain Harry’s also earned certification to fly an Apache helicopter after completing a rigorous eight-month course. Apaches are designed to hunt and destroy armored vehicles; they also transport weapons such as rockets and Hellfire missiles. The three month night-flying phase to training requires students to command a pair of Apache helicopters at night, testing their handling, captaincy and understanding in simulated emergencies.

Harry will stand in as best man at his brother Williams wedding to Brit Kate Middleton later this month.

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