Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kimora Lee Simmons Lost 25 Lbs

Kimora Lee Simmons started playing slimming by her own rules – which turned out to be effective if somewhat strict. She managed to drop 25 pounds. How did she do it? “By not eating” was her secret revealed in a conversation with Rob Shuter of PopEater.

Having three children – daughters Ming Lee and Aoki Lee, 11 and 8, by her first husband Russell Simmons, and soon-to-turn 2 son by the present husband Djimon Hounsu – Simmons doesn’t feel too comfortable telling that lest she may somehow influence the young brood into not eating.

Naturally it hasn’t been throughout fasting – more like meticulous attention to calories and going for vegetables, fruits, and smoothies. Now and then protein bars were the only source of protein she was taking.

The 35-year-old fashion model said that it was her moving to L.A. that had fired the wish to shed some weight. As she told Shuter, when she went out in company with two celeb sisters (whose name she chose not to divulge) they were treated to burgers, and as she reached for one she saw they were shocked. They told her that they didn’t eat, and though they tried to pass it off as a joke later, she knew they were dead serious.

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