Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Aftermath Aerial Images

Google Earth and Google Maps has just updated their satellite and aerial imagery of several places. The update includes high resolution aerial images. One of the most interesting update is the aerial images of Sendai, Japan. The recent tsunami to hit Japan caused devastation across the country and Sendai was among the hardest hit. I must warn you it's a bit depressing to look at. You can see in detail the destruction that the huge tsunami had caused.

In the image above you can see Sendai Airport in Sendai Japan. Notice the neighborhood beside the airport was flattened. Just few houses left standing. 

Places that received the high resolution aerial updates:
USA: Phoenix, Tuscon, Albuquerque, Amarillo, Wichita, Austin, Cape Cod
Japan: Sendai

Countries/Regions receiving high resolution satellite updates:
Antarctica, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Canada, Chad, China, Croatia, Egypt, England, France, Georgia, Germany, Haiti, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Nigeria, North Korea, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Senegal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States, Uruguay, Western Sahara, Yemen, Zambia

You can compare the images of Sendai, before and after the earthquake and tsunami at the Google Earth Historical Imagery.

Source: maps.google.com; google-latlong.blogspot.com

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