Saturday, April 23, 2011

Drew Barrymore Who Hate Their Parents

Drew Barrymore
Actress Drew Barrymore, daughter of John and Jaid Barrymore, was a famous child star who spent her wonder years inappropriately clubbing at Studio 54 and Limelight. By the age of the 12 she was a full-blown alcoholic and drug addict who had to be admitted into rehab. Her hard-drinking father left before Drew was born, and he was largely absent in her life, except to occasionally call and ask her for money. As for Drew’s mother Jaid, she was ridiculously permissive and mostly used little Drew to get into hot clubs. After yet another stint in rehab, Drew filed for and was granted legal emancipation from her parents at the age of 15. Still, Jaid tried to ride her famous daughter’s coattails. Jaid’s post-emacipation stunts include posing naked in Playboy only a few issues after Drew did the same, and selling a bunch of Drew’s childhood mementos on Ebay.

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