Monday, April 25, 2011

Witherspoon Gets Smelly on Easter

Hollywood beauty Reese Witherspoon has come up with a smelly new game for Easter, a race with eggs stuffed in your socks.The 35-year-old actress who recently wed her talent agent Jim Toth, celebrated the holiday with her two children, Ava and Deacon, whose father is ex-husband Ryan Philippe, reported Contactmusic. “I was trying to think of new games you can play. So I went online and there’s this game where you stuff as many eggs into your tube socks as possible and then you have to run a race. Whoever ends up at the end of the race with the least amount of broken eggs wins,” said Witherspoon.The ‘Water For Elephants’ actress decided on the egg race despite knowing that it would end up stinking a lot. “It’s actually super fun, because the adults get competitive. We started whacking each other, grabbing each other, taking each other down. Especially me, because I’m a little bit competitive. Literally, it’s disgusting and it smells like rotten eggs for about three weeks. But it’s fun,” she said.

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