Monday, April 25, 2011

Prince William, Kate Middleton: An Australian Honeymoon Confirmed

With their wedding just five days away, Prince William and Kate Middleton are probably busy making sure every detail is taken care of.

Among those top-secret details could very well be diving equipment and swimsuits. The royal pair might be celebrating their honeymoon on Lizard Island, according to The Sunday Mirror. The island is one of many lining the Great Barrier Reef just off the Australian coastline near Queensland.

The Mirror informs the island is "tipped as the most likely destination." It can only be reached by a sixty-minute plane journey from Cairns. This oasis of sun and sand is not an improbable choice for the prince and his future bride.

Prince William, on a tour of cyclone affected areas of Australia, promised to return to the country within weeks with fiancée Kate Middleton, possibly for their honeymoon.

While speaking to well-wishers in Cairns the Prince said he would like to return to city to scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef.

"I love scuba diving, I have always wanted to dive the barrier reef," he said.

Later, Kate, 29, prompted rumors about her honeymoon after the brunette paid a visit to British chain Warehouse in the capital, accompanied by three bodyguards and snagging clothing suited for warmer climates totaling $350.

It was reported the couple maybe headed to Jordan. Kate lived in the country as a child for some time with her family. It was speculated that the Wadi Run valley and Petra are among the places on the Royal couple's itinerary.

With Corfu, Greece; Seychelles in the Indian Ocean, Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, and Jordan, Kate's childhood residence; as possible choices, aides at the palace have still not given official confirmation as to where the two will head for their honeymoon.

Whichever hot spot the couple has picked, hope they don't forget the sunscreen. :)

Incidentally, guests at the wedding will be receiving their own fashionable gift, a luxury woolen scarf manufactured by an Indian firm and featuring the Union Jack. The scarves are reversible and retail for 45 pounds each.

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