Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Michelle Obama Is Not Happy with Her Stylist

One of Michelle Obama’s favorite designers, Peter Soronen, has mentioned in one of his latest interviews that the first lady is looking for a new stylist. She seems to be dissatisfied with the work of her previous fashion mentor Meredith Croup (she was hired for the position last winter), and she intends to find her a worthy substitution:
We heard that she’s gone already. So I’m not even sure who it is right now.

Soronen’s colleague, Ellen Carey, claimed she had “heard something about it” too and supposed that the vacant position would once again be taken by Ikram Goldman, whom the President’s wife had been working with until Meredith Croup’s employment (mostly because of her having just given birth to a baby and being ready to get back to work again in the nearest future).

The reason for Michelle Obama and Meredith Croup’s discord is unknown. The White House, the first lady herself, and her stylist keep silence, so we can only guess what made the two women quarrel. There is an idea that it was Alexander McQueen’s dress which the President’s wife had selected for the gala reception to commermorate the visit of the President of China. American designers were then extremely unhappy about Michelle Obama’s choice: what a pretty pass to represent the U.S. abroad in a dress by the British brand!

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