Monday, April 18, 2011

Michael Jackson Mystery Fingerprints on Syringe

Michael Jackson
Mystery fingerprints have reportedly been found on a syringe that was at the scene of Michael Jackson's death; the prints do not belong to Dr. Conrad Murray or any member of Jackson's family.

The syringe is believed to have been used to administer Michael a fatal dose of propofol.

According to the News of the World (NOTW), the new evidence could lead to the acquittal of Dr. Murray, who is on trial for manslaughter for recklessly administering a fatal overdose of propofol to the pop singer.

Murray's defense has reportedly postulated that an unidentified person administered the fatal dose and then robbed more than $1 million in cash from Jackson.

In the past, there have been unconfirmed reports that the Jackson family found a large amount of money to be missing from Jackson's house following his death.

A source close to the case tells the NOTW:

"The mystery fingerprints are the biggest breakthrough for Murray so far. If it is handled right it would mean a jury cannot convict him.

"Murray and Michael were the only ones supposedly at the house at the time. And all the syringes were vacuum-packed and sterile before use.

"The fingerprints point to someone else being there and using the fatal syringe."

It was earlier reported that surveillance video footage of Michael Jackson's house on the day he died had been lost for good, because the LAPD didn't keep a copy as evidence. As a result prosecutors may have a hard time rebutting Murray's defense.

Murray's lawyer Ed Chernoff is now expected to make the defense, "If the print doesn't fit, you must acquit."

OJ Simpson's lawyer Johnnie Cochran successfully used a similar defense over the glove that OJ was said to be wearing when he allegedly murdered his wife. "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit," he said.

The fingerprints on the syringe were identified by Murray's defense team after they obtained the the coroners' "evidence box" from the LAPD.

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