Friday, April 15, 2011

Manjari Fadnis: Solah Kala Sampuran

Manjari Fadnis will be seen in sixteen looks in a three minute song and dance sequence in Disney's Zokkomon!!

Manjari, 23, who headlines the film along with Darsheel Safary and Anupam Kher, has given her all to the lavishly mounted song "Eena Meena Maina Mo".

Her sixteen looks have been inspired by popular film icons across Hollywood and Bollywood. The icons include Catherine Zeta Jones, Anarkali, Helen, Julie Andrews, Devdas, Akbar, Rockstar, Mechanic, Dhoom and more!

Manjari and Darsheel had a complete blast shooting for the song we hear.

Manjari, who is a Shiamak Davar student, impressed the film's crew with her ability to dance and do so many avatars.

The song, choreographed by the dance maestro Shiamak Davar himself, is one of the highlights of the film.

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