Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mackenzie Phillips Who Hate Their Parents

Mackenzie Phillips
“One Day at a Time” star Mackenzie Phillips is the daughter of singer John Phillips of The Mamas & the Papas and his first wife, Susan Adams. According to Mackenzie’s tell-all memoir, High On Arrival, she first tried cocaine at age 11 with her father. John Phillips apparently fed her drugs throughout her teenage years. She also claims to have had an incestuous relationship with her father, which began at age 19 when she awoke from a drug-induced stupor to find him doing the deed on top of her and apparently just went along with it. Phillips claims the relationship lasted 10 years, until she found herself pregnant and her father paid for the abortion. Her father denied the accusations up until his death, and the rest of the family divided on who they believed. Though Mackenzie often defends her father, insisting that he was “damaged” and he meant her no harm, she also admits to having a touch of “Stolkholm Syndrome” when it comes to her dad.

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