Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Who Hate Their Parents

Lindsay Lohan
Michael and Dina Lohan were vile parents long before little Lindsay became a superstar. Michael did jail time for insider trading, was arrested for assault and a DUI, and may have fathered another woman’s child. Michael and Dina separated and reunited twice during Lindsay’s lifetime before finally divorcing in 2007. As a child, Lindsay had to listen to their private mudslinging, but when she became famous they took to maligning each other publicly. To top it off, Michael and Dina shamelessly leapt onto Lindsay’s famous coattails; each parent separately lobbied for their own reality show! And not because they were particularly interesting — everything each of of them does is in an attempt to make more money off of their daughter’s success. Dina played the enabler by accompanying her alcoholic and drug-addicted daughter to the hottest nightclubs, while attention-hungry Michael went so low as to tape record his private conversations with Lindsay so he could sell them to the press. Lindsay finally cut off contact with her “ex-father” in 2009 but he continues to worm his way into her life.

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