Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kate Middleton’s Pre-Wedding Weight Loss Diet

Kate Middleton
The day of the most important wedding of the year is coming, and many are interested in almost everything connected with this event and its participants: from the number of guests and the menu to the most intimate details, including the bride’s dress, her hairdo, and even her pre-wedding diet.

Kate Middleton has really lost pretty much weight before the wedding. Her nearest people insist that it is the result of a specially designed wedding diet.

During the last 4 months, the future princess of England lost weight dramatically. If earlier she had clothing size 10 and 12, what she needs now is approaching size 6. Kate herself has confessed to the reporters that she follows a certain wedding diet.

The journalists have immediately pointed out that Kate’s mother, Carol, is rapidly losing weight too. This woman does not conceal the fact that her choice is Dr. Dukan’s diet. The experts now analyze if the daughter follows her mother, or she has chosen a different type of diet. However, some details have been discovered. For example, Kate is a well-known supporter of a strictly balanced diet. She eats only fresh fruit and vegetables and has cereals for breakfast.

Two more reasons for the future princess weight loss have been named by the experts: stress and fitness. Indeed, one of the main causes of losing weight is excessive anxiety that the girl has facing such a historic event.

As for fitness, we know that Kate, having quitted her job and fully devoted herself to wedding preparations, is being active more than ever. In her college years, she used to play tennis and hockey, but now she frequently visits her personal trainer in the gym. Paparazzi have also noted Kate’s frequent and intense walks in the mountains.

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