Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kate Middleton All Set to be a Princess

Kate Middleton attended a wedding rehearsal with Prince Harry at Westminister Abbey on Friday.

With just fourteen days left until she becomes a princess, the 29-year-old and her soon to be brother-in-law, Prince Harry, attended a dress rehearsal of the wedding at London's Westminster Abbey on Friday, April 15.

Kate and Harry were joined at the dry run by bridesmaids and pageboys.

Conspicuous by his absence was the groom, Prince William, who was on duty as Search and Rescue pilot at his base in Anglesey, Wales.

The rehearsal is reportedly one of many happenings before April 29, with the royal pair feeling a bit nervous before the big day.

Pippa Middleton, Kate's 27-year-old sister, will probably be joining a few of the wedding parties for a rehearsal at the Royal Mews, which is where the carriages and horses are stored.

The Household Cavalry are preparing for the wedding as well, since they will be on duty for the wedding nuptials.

Following the rehearsals, Kate will spend her final night as a bachelorette at a swanky London hotel.

The dark-haired beauty will occupy the Goring Hotel's Royal Suite, which is not far from Buckingham Palace. The rooms are equipped with every amenity Kate will require to unwind before her wedding day, including a waterproof television in the bathroom and four-poster bed.

There is apparently a funny picture of fictitious royal employee Blackadder, made well-known by the British actor Rowan Atkinson, as well as a framed copy of Queen Victoria's silk wedding dress on display in the bathroom to serve as a reminder of her soon-to-be relations.

The Palace has given confirmation that Kate and her relatives will be guests at the hotel on April 28. Palace staff had stated that Kate was undecided whether to stay at a private home nearby or a palace at previously held conferences regarding the pending wedding.

As of today, they inform that selecting the Goring was "the Middleton family's personal choice."

Also confirmed knowledge is the fact that the young pages and bridesmaids will depart with maid of honor Pippa Middleton from the Goring for Westminster Abbey.

Prince William will be staying the night before his wedding at Clarence House and leave along with his best man and brother, 24-year-old Prince Harry.

According to UK newspaper The Sun, Goring Hotel has had $240,000 worth of renovations on the top level to prepare it for its royal occupant.

Now that we know what hairstyle Kate will be sporting on her big day as well where the couple will be staying on their last night as singles, all that remains to ask is what will Prince Harry toast his brother with? Hopefully someone will spill the beans.

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