Saturday, April 23, 2011

I made Sonakshi a Heroine: Govinda

In the background of Bollywood grapevine over “heart burn” between him and fellow buddy Salman Khan over launching Narmada in the tinsel town, actor Govinda said that it was he who made Sonakshi Sinha a ‘heroine’.Speculations are rife in Bollywood that Govinda was not very happy with Salman as the latter did not keep his promise of launching his daughter Narmada in Bollywood. Salman got busy making career of Sonakshi, daughter of veteran actor-turned-politician Shatrughan Sinha. “I made Sonakshi a heroine. I used to always praise her. I often told her that she must lose weight. Both Sonakshi and Narmada are good. It is always the time that decides everything,” Govinda told PTI in an interview.Narmada created quite a stir when she accompanied Salman during IIFA awards in 2007. Ever since, there has been speculation that she would enter Bollywood. The latest buzz is that she might make a debut this year. “Even I had to struggle to make career in Bollywood and we have even seen the biggest stars struggling…waiting for good time. What’s wrong if Narmada is waiting? Her time will also start,” Chi-chi, as he is fondly called, said.When asked whether there are any issues between him and Salman, Govinda said, “There are no issues between us…nothing at all. If there wasn’t any problem with him (Salman) then how can I solve it? Even for having an issue we need to have a reason for it. In the first place why should I have any issue with him. He helped me then how can I have an issue with him.”
There are no “issues” to sort out between us. I am still in touch with Salman. We do talk but about films and other topics as well, he said.It was reported that Salman asked director David Dhawan to cast Govinda with him in ‘Partner’ to revive the almost dying career of the 48-year-old-actor. “After giving a hit film (Partner) if you do not do a film together again then people start saying that there is no friendship between us. people treat us as if we are love companions who ought to be together. It is not like that,” Govinda said.The actor said that he and Salman are friends and will continue to be in future as well

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