Monday, April 25, 2011

Brooke Mueller Relapse Plays Out On Paris Hilton’s New Reality Show

Brooke Mueller’s descent back into the perils of a crippling crack addiction were caught on camera and will be featured prominently on Paris Hilton’s next reality show.

Take that, Celebrity Rehab!

Mueller, who has two-year-old twin sons, Bob and Max, with equally-unstable actor Charlie Sheen, has battled an addiction to the highly-intoxicating substance for over a decade, resulting in numerous stints in drug treatment. The former real estate agent is good friends with Paris, but got more than she bargained for after she agreed to appear as a recurring guest on the socialite’s latest docu-soap foray, The World According to Paris, premiering on Oxygen June 1. Cameras were rolling during key points in Brooke’s most recent relapse, a loose-lipped informant blabs on the pages of the May 2 edition of Star Magazine.

“She’s a mess…There are scenes where Brooke disappears for a long time and no one can find her,” squeals a production insider. “Then Brooke shows up, and she looks a mess. It was all a part of her relapse into using drugs again…In this case, the drama on the reality show isn’t scripted. It’s completely real.”

Brooke’s drug struggle made for some very “dramatic” scenes, Paris told PEOPLE Friday. The heiress says viewers will see “everything” unfold with her tabloid-friendly co-star.

“Brooke’s an open book,” says Hilton, 30. “She’s not afraid to show who she is. She’s not afraid to tell the truth. And as a producer of the show, I love that for TV. I love someone who’s not afraid to show everything.”

Mueller checked herself into an undisclosed rehabilitation center in Los Angeles last week after reports that she’d been spotted trying to unload electronics at a local pawn shop.

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