Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bollywood Babes are Tantrum Queens

Bollywood Tantrum Queens
Bollywood is growing in Size, business, technology and almost in one and all the fields, every one from top to bottom is making huge profit and money. The part of the film fraternity who are most demanding and full of attitudes are none other then our Bollywood babes and yes not to forget the heavy and thick payment which they charge from the harassed producers and directors.

Actress Kareena Kapoor is taking on her role as a brand ambassador for a ‘size zero’ net book rather seriously. When a scene in an upcoming movie, required Kareena to work on a laptop, she insisted that she would only use a laptop from the brand that she endorses. When anetbook of another make was given to Bebo, she apparently refused to shoot until the unit guys got her the one she wanted.

Sherawat was also allegedly shown the door from a dance based reality show recently as they just couldn’t handle her attitude! A source from the production house said, “This was supposed to be her very first stint with reality TV but she was replaced just after the show took off. She was difficult to deal with and would throw a lot of tantrums. She had a lot of demands and when neither of them could be fulfilled, she would lock herself up in her vanity van, refusing to come out until the problem was sorted.”

Another actress who is under the scanner for her alleged high-handed behaviour is Kangna Ranaut.The actor reportedly behaved very strangely while on the sets of a reality show, where she took a nap backstage. Additionally while shooting for a film recently, she apparently refused to wear a bikini on the day of the shoot, even though she had given her nod earlier. She flew off the handle and refused to sport one, which in turn resulted in a couple of hours delay. The list is endless,even their mail counter parts are no exception to tantrums, after all attitude pays.

Earlier, films would be entirely the director’s vision, but actors are increasingly known to give their inputs in this department too. Bollywood stars are infamous for throwing their weight around and getting their way, be it at an event or while at a shoot. One actor who is constantly reported to throw such tantrums is the sexy actress Mallika Sherawat. The actor, who has now shifted base to Los Angeles, has earned a reputation for being the tantrum queen. The actress, who is known for her high-handedness also reportedly insists that each shot be canned until she thinks it’s perfect.

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