Sunday, April 17, 2011

amor y amistad mensajes

amor y amistad mensajes

amor y amistad mensajes amor y amistad mensajes amor y amistad mensajes

amor y amistad mensajes amor y amistad mensajes amor y amistad mensajes

Losing is the great American sin. ~Jerome Holtzman

Forgiveness is the sweetest revenge. ~Isaac Friedmann

Trust me, death is the best argument for moisturizer. ~Coupling, "Sex, Death and Nudity," original airdate 26 May 2000, written by Steven Moffat, spoken by the character Sally

Democracy consists of choosing your dictators, after they've told you what you think it is you want to hear. ~Alan Coren

History... is an aggregation of truths, half-truths, semi-truths, fables, myths, rumors, prejudices, personal narratives, gossip, and official prevarications. It is a canvas upon which thousands of artists throughout the ages have splashed their conceptions and interpretations of a day and an era. Some motifs are grotesque and some are magnificent. ~Philip D. Jordan

Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. ~Attributed to Howard Thurman

I like the smell of a dunged field, and the tumult of a popular election. ~Augustus William Hare and Julius Charles Hare, Guesses at Truth, by Two Brothers, 1827

In childhood, we press our nose to the pane, looking out. In memories of childhood, we press our nose to the pane, looking in. ~Robert Brault,

Happiness is a bowl of cherries and a book of poetry under a shade tree. ~Astrid Alauda

If all men are born free, how is it that all women are born slaves? ~Mary Astell

How many a man has dated a new era in his life from the reading of a book. ~Henry David Thoreau, Walden

I believe in a real, physical world. I figure if the world existed only in my mind, it would pay more attention to me. ~Robert Brault,

There is such a thing as the freedom of exhaustion. Some people are so worn down by the yoke of oppression that they give up.... The oppressed must never allow the conscience of the oppressor to slumber.... To accept injustice or segregation passively is to say to the oppressor that his actions are morally right. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

We are so clothed in rationalization and dissemblance that we can recognize but dimly the deep primal impulses that motivate us. ~James Ramsey Ullman

I became a feminist as an alternative to becoming a masochist. ~Sally Kempton, attributed

We have to have faith in ourselves. I have never met a woman who, deep down in her core, really believes she has great legs. And if she suspects that she might have great legs, then she's convinced that she has a shrill voice and no neck. ~Cynthia Heimel

Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet. ~Colette

We have grown literally afraid to be poor. We despise anyone who elects to be poor in order to simplify and save his inner life. If he does not join the general scramble and pant with the money-making street, we deem him spiritless and lacking in ambition. ~William James

What about football? Is it a sport or a concussion? ~Jim Murray, Los Angeles Times

The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple. ~S. Gudder

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